Aims and Objectives

  • To preserve, maintain and promote Bangladeshi as well as Canadian cultural values within the Bangladeshi community in Victoria and other cities of Vancouver Island.
  • To establish strong relations between families, and individuals within the community.
  • To pursue cultural, educational and social programs and activities of common interests in response to community concerns as determined by the association.
  • To identify and act on specific needs, issues and concerns of Bangladeshi Canadians and non-Canadians Bangladeshi families and students living in Victoria and other part of Vancouver Island.
  • To promote the heritage of Bangladeshi culture at the national, regional, provincial and municipal levels.
  • To establish network with other ethnocultural groups to enhance cross-cultural understanding, friendship and co-operation.
  • To nurture Canadian culture, values and ethics in Bangladeshi community to be an active part of Canadian socio-economic development.
  • To establish this Association as a non-political, non-religious and non-profit organization, duly registered, under the laws of Canada or any of its provinces or territories.

Events and activities

Upcoming Events:

  • May-2024: Pohela Baishakh Celebration (Details)

Past Events:

Initiatives and contributions

Bangla school: Check Our Bangla School here

Community News

  • BCCAV EID Potluck

  • Voice of BCCAV in BC Public Safety Modernization

  • Over 70 Participants Mark the Success of the 1st Policing and Public Safety Modernization Engagement Session

Contact us

Address: 3448 Karger Terrace, Victoria, BC, V9C 3K5

Phone: 250 886 0059