Welcome to the BCCAV Bangla School in Victoria, BC! We are thrilled to offer this opportunity for young learners to connect with the vibrant culture of Bangladesh and develop valuable Bangla language skills.

Throughout this class, students will have the chance to connect with other Bangladeshi kids through a variety of engaging activities, such as playing together, visiting local museums, exploring local parks, and more. These experiences will help to build a strong sense of community and foster a deeper understanding of the rich cultural traditions of Bangladesh.

Besides these cultural activities, students will also learn to read, form, and write Bangla words, developing a firm foundation in the language. They will expand their Bangla vocabulary and gain the skills to read, form, and write sentences and paragraphs. Through guided instruction and practice, students will develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills that will serve them well throughout their lives.

We believe that language learning is a transformative experience that can broaden horizons and deepen connections with people from around the world. We are excited to see the growth and progress of our Bangla Language class students as they develop their language skills and deepen their appreciation for the culture of Bangladesh.

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